Liverpool is for sure one city I would love to live in. I visited it twice with friends from Greece (once in September and once in November 2012) and it seemed to me that you can never get enough from this wonderful city. 


Well, Liverpool might not be too big (actually it has population of less than 500,000 people), but it has a rich cultural and maritime past and there are many things to do there, apart from exploring the city itself.

Albert Dock, Liverpool
Albert Dock
Keep in mind is that almost all museums and galleries are within walking distance and have free entrance, like Tate Liverpool (Art Gallery, displaying British and international modern and contemporary art and hosting exhibitions and events), World Museum Liverpool, Museum of Liverpool (which are of the most interactive ones and perfect for families) and Merseyside Maritime Museum, which is situated in the same building with the International Slavery Museum. The last two museums, as well as the Tate Liverpool, can be found in the Albert Dock, which is actually a complex of dock building and warehouses and was once considered a revolutionary docking system, because ships were loaded and unloaded directly from and to the warehouses. 

For those who would love to look back into the lives, times, culture and music of the Beatles, you can visit the "Beatles Story" museum which is also located at Liverpool's Albert Dock (and Pier Head).

Mathew Street, Liverpool
Mathew Street, Liverpool
Personally, I didn't forget to visit Mathew Street with my friends, where The Beatles began their career and the Cavern Club, where not only The Beatles, but other famous musicians and bands have played (such as Queen, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Travis). Although it is a nightclub, we visited in the afternoon, since it was open. Unfortunately we couldn't stay longer than a day therefore we didn't have the chance to see Liverpool's nightlife. 
Inside the Cavern Club, The Beatles - Music instruments
Mathew Street - Birthplace of THE BEATLES

The Bluecoat (2012)

Nevertheless, one day was enough for us to pay a visit in the oldest building in the city centre, the Bluecoat, which dates back in the early 18th Century and was originally built as a charitable school and orpanage. Its architectural importance is reflected in its  UNESCO world heritage and Grade One listed status. Although some of the exhibition might not be really interesting, the Bluecoat does provide a hub for people to meet, talk, create, enjoy themselves, or just relax and have a break with a cup of coffee. 

However, if you are nothing like us and find walking, museums and galleries of no interest, Liverpool could again be a perfect choice for shopping, since it combines huge shopping centres and boutique arcades, bohemian streets and farmers' markets.

Liverpool, Albert Dock


(View from one of the above mentioned museums -
I am not sure which one, so you have to visit all of them ;) )

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  1. Birthplace of the Beatles! Got to head there, thanks for publishing all the information on free historical information.

  2. I've never been to Liverpool! But after reading your blog I really would love to visit now! Looks really beautiful and full of great history.

  3. And these are not the only things Liverpool has to offer you! I really loved this city... It has a rich history... And if you have enough time, do make a river explorer cruise, it can teach you even more about the city and you can enjoy a perfect view of the waterfront (this is how I took the first photo). Yellow Duck Marine is one of the most popular ways to make the tour, but I took Mersey Ferries, which seems to offers the same at a lower price.

  4. I'm sure Liverpool is a really nice place, on my list on places to visit, since i can not really visit most places, i stick with the next best thing, reading about it. thanks for this great post.

  5. my last trip to Liverpool was short. with my little stay there I couldn't explore more but I got to visit The Oratory. I am sure I will have enough time on my next visit.
    I was reading about how Liverpool got its name and I found out a lot of things. Liverpool has such a rich history though I did not have enough time to go sightseeing and visit the Bluecoat and some of the museum, what interest me is The Beatles story museum. it sounds like an interesting place. I will definitely visit when next i am headed to Liverpool

  6. great pictures. Liverpool is an amazing city, i hope to visit it soon.....

  7. Amazing photos, you truly captured the essence of Liverpool

  8. reading this makes want to get up, get in a plane and fly over to Liverpool, you picture Liverpool as a lovely place would live to visit soon...


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