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All the way to Andarctica

It was December 1999 when we were in Antarctica, the first Greeks in order to climb the Vinson Massif. It is the highest mountain in Antarctica with altitude 4897 meters and belongs to the great mountain range of the Ellsworth Mountains.

Our team consisted of : Michael Tsoukias, Nick Wolf, Alekos Tsilogeorgis, Theodore Papagiannis Theodore Fatsis and Christos Lambris. It was a 20 years dream and finally it came true. We reached the foot of the mountain with a Cessna plane flying from Patriot Hills, and the total ascent lasted six days. The climb did not had technical difficulties and only the thing we had to consider was the weather conditions.

Although in the Ellsworth Mountains the average snowing is not much, the days we were there, threw much more amount of snow, almost as much throws all year.

What I will never forget was when we finished the climb and we returned to our base at Patriot Hills.
This base is the only base in Antarctica used by climbers and explorers of Antarctica, …

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