Barcelona (BCN)

Barcelona a well know European city  for many reasons, is the city miracle that be transformed from a city with a lot of problems to a wonderful city as it is today.
Many technocrats and politicians are mentioning the example of Barcelona as an example to follow, and maybe is the only city that took the opportunity of the Olympic Games (1992) and rebuilt completely a new city.

la Sagrada Família

I have to add here that is the city that creates to a traveler an irresistible desire for revisiting the city again soon. Of course if you are a football fan you know already one of the reasons ;) one of the best European teams with many famous players (FC.Barcelona).
While I was visiting the city I learn also that the club is mainly be supported from the people of Catalonia and vice versa thing that I liked much and it is an example that many other football team should follow.

Although I am not a football fan (for many reasons ) I liked so much the above statement that made me to visit the stadium as well and I recommend you also to have a visit there even if you don't have 25 Euros for the entrance to the Museum.

A ordinary Sunny day
Where there are water the city cannot be ugly

But enough talking about football, for me the main reason that one should visit the city is only one, to see and admire the achievements of Antoni Gaudi and in particular the Sagrada Familia church.(be prepared you have to wait some time in a queue). The church still is under construction (yes it is amazing) and you will have the opportunity to learn about him as there is also museum inside.

The unique with his construction is that you can not observe (see) 90 degrees angles as Gaudi was observer of nature and he followed the example of the nature. Now it is time to take a close look around you ............

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