8 Vacation Tips for Getting Away with Your Significant Other

 When it comes to summertime, love is in the air. So how do you catch some of that loving?  One of  the best ways is to get out of town and take a vacation with your significant other.
  Here's how:

1. Make Sure You're On The Same Page With Your Partner

When you go on vacation together, make sure you're on the same page. You may love a vegan spa, and that's great. But make sure your guy likes it too. Otherwise, ease up and come to a compromise that will work for the both of you.

2. Make Sex The First Thing You Two Do

What's a great way to start your day? Sex. Waking up with sex is a fabulous way to get rid of any tension and stress, making it an excellent way to start your day. You'll both feel great, and you can bring that good feeling right on into breakfast together. Here is some good advice.

3. Bring Out The Fresh Fruit

What's one of the best things to introduce to your sexual play that is not only fun but delicious, nutritious and harmless? The answer would be fruit. Introduce grapes as a fun way to feed each other. Strawberries go well with champagne. Plums and peaches are naturally messy and fun to lick off of each other.

4. Get Out Of Your Rut and Have Sex In A Different And Fun Place

The bedroom is not the only place to have sex, and a vacation is a great way to proof that fact. Make love on a private beach, a sleeping bag under the stars, a private and picturesque terrace, or anyplace that would be unique and fun.

5. Look Natural But Sexy

You don't have to pile on the makeup and the killer heels to look sexy. The goal is to wear clothing that is attractive but comfortable, and don't forget the sexy underwear too.

6. Don't Be Too Rigid With The Schedule

Remember, the goal is to enjoy each other without stress. So don't over plan and don't nag your guy with a jam-packed schedule that you claim you must do. Relax and don't forget to have fun. You want that pleasant feeling to carry on through to your sexy night together.

7. Drink But Don't Get Wasted

Sure you two can drink together, but if you drink too much, what happens? You get drunk and getting drunk can ruin the sexy vacation you've planned with your man. Enjoy drinking together but be sure to pace yourself with plenty of water and don't forget to eat.

8. Bring Your Camera

This is going to be one of your best vacations yet. So don't forget to bring your camera.


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