Mykonos is a small island in Greece but well known as a party island as well , part of the Cyclades, lying between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos. 

It is quite strange if you consider that Tinos for example is a very religious island how Mykonos became a party island ,hmmm well it is very difficult to answer that question though.
If you ever be in Mykonos don't be surprised (especially during the summer) if you meet in person many stars of the show biz area. 

What a nice Good Morning ;) 
Mykonos has a pelican as Mascot

As I said earlier many people are visiting the island every year especially during the summer, and this summer 125% more than the previous year about 1.22 million tourists. One of them was my friend Taxiarhis but it wasn't the first time as his work as Chef obliges him to visit the island many times. 
A small conversation with him inspirited me to write this particular post so lets let Taxiarhis to guide us to Mykonos.
Cruise ship approaches the port


A very nice dish from Taxiarhis

We are living in a very beautiful world

"Mykonos is one of the famous islands which is combines amazing nature beauty with traditional architecture and foremost the very famous night life (many bar and people from almost every corner of this world). Its not not coincidence that in Mykonos there is one of the most famous restaurants (in psarou at the same place you need to book the sunbed !!!!!). "

More about Mykonos is coming as the interview is in progress 

I would pesonaly thank Taxiarhis for his contribution to this post and for the amazing pictures.

"Taxiarhis kanellos"
     Chef d'hotel 

I have visit the island as well but that it was when I was 12 years of old and some beautiful pictures have stacked in my head. I think you cant find other island in Greece with so many windmills.
Have in mind that Mykonos is an expensive and glamorous island therefore if you have low budget plan your trip some months before if you want to spent some nice days there.
By the way you can visit the island from neighboring islands as there is a daily fairy connection.

By closing this I would like to give you a small travel trip. probably if you have or if you will visit any Greek island you will hear the word "chora". This word is used to describe the main town  of the island. SO see you at chora ;)

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